2014: A Year of Preparation

Summer Fair Stall

Save Betty! began in May 2013 as we realised that the organ had reached a point where it was threatening to shut down altogether! We sprung into action and launched a series of events, including talks, recitals, a fair stall, and lessons for children, to raise awareness of her plight and what she brings to the community and the church. She is no ordinary organ. Grade 2* listed, Betty is just shy of 150 years old and is a unique piece of heritage as well as a tremendous musical instrument and a fascinating work of engineering. This year the project of restoration begins in earnest. Having received a development grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, we’re working on a programme of capital works to restore her alongside an invigorating activity plan which will not only celebrate her restoration but get the whole community involved and invested in her. 2015 will celebrate her 150th birthday and so is the ideal time to carry out this work and begin our festivities!!!