Nicholson’s – Betty’s Surgeons

rowntreeAfter a extensive selection process Nicholson Organ builders were selected to restore Betty to her former glory. For over 170 years, Nicholson & Company has created instruments of distinction for cathedrals, churches, colleges, schools and private clients as well as undertaking the historical restoration and renovation of many hundreds of organs throughout the UK and overseas. At the same time that they are working on Betty, Nicholson is also working on an organ for Holy Trinity Cathedral in Aukland, New Zealand.

In March 2015 Nicholson’s came to St John’s and spent 3 weeks dismantling Betty and removing her to their workshop in Malvern where they will completely strip down, clean and restore her. They will also be changing the action from pneumatic to tracker, which is what it was when she was built in 1865. They will completely build Betty in their factory before dismantling and transporting her back to St John’s in the Summer, spending 5 weeks re-building her in her cosy bed-chamber.

During Betty’s visit to Nicholson’s clinic there will be an opportunity for a group from the community around Betty to go and visit her and inspect the progress of works.

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