The Music of the Spheres

Inaudible Harmonies and the Music of the Mystery of Being

21st June 2015

After the 10am Sunday Eucharist


Music has been a powerful metaphor for centuries: for the universe, for humanity’s interior life and for the relationship of all things with God.  This lecture will explore something of these and the way the language and experience of music and harmony can still articulate and inspire aspects of our human and communal experience.

The Reverend Dr Andrew Walker 

andrewwalker Andrew Walker is Director of the St Marylebone Healing and Counselling Centre and also the Director of the London based three year Ignatian Spirituality Programme. He is also a Psychosynthesis trained counsellor and Supervisor and a part time gardener.

Build An Organ Visit

edited 7 I know the answerLast week a class from St. James and St. John, Hyde Park school, had the opportunity to build their own organ at the Southbank’s Royal Festival Hall as part of Betty’s engagement with the community, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The day started with an introduction to the Royal Festival Hall   . Pupils learned about the types of activities the hall promotes including orchestral concerts and the use of the recently restored Harrison and Harrison organ. Together they watched an exciting video made by similar aged children explaining how the organ works, from the blowers and bellows through to the different types of pipes played from the console. Continue reading