Composition Competition – Winner Announced

The winner of the Choir and Organ Composition Competition is George Richford. He has just been appointed Director of Music at Romsey Abbey. He recently won the Three Choirs Festival Composition Prize.
George says of his piece, “It has many contrasts and shows off the different colours of the organ. A new hymn tune, ‘Betty’ is the centre piece of the anthem – something that is communal, and unites the choir, organ and people of the church, and a staple of the Victorian instrument. The piece looks difficult. in truth it is only the organ part that has taxing moments. The piece is tonal, with carefully considered dissonance and rhythmically frenetic. But it is performable within a modest rehearsal time. The texts are similarly eclectic – some short phrases are almost common church ‘parlance’ and theses are intertwined with familiar texts from Ireland and america, perhaps reminding us of the global proclamation of Christ as King”.
The piece was chosen for it’s melodic qualities and it’s use of the chosen text. The piece incorporates a hymn tune especially written for us at St John’s, which makes it personal.
Robert Greenhill, Director of Music at St John’s Hyde Park writes:
“In this piece George uses the choir and especially the organ to great effect. I am looking forward to performing it at the dedication service at St John’s, sometime in October.”

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