Mitred pipes and Winglets

P1050454There has been loads of progress on Betty this week, probably most obvious (as the organ builders are still working on balancing the sound, etc.) has bee the return of the decorative zinc pipes on Betty’s South side, facing the chancel – but they probably warrant a post in themselves – to follow.

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Not a necklace, not corks for your hat…

corkhatDuring the rebuild, I saw the organ builders playing with what looked like square beads for threading onto a child’s necklace. That or they looked like the corks jackaroos are supposed hang from their hats to discourage flying insects from swarming. Continue reading

Shafts and Levers – Betty’s making progress

Cedar strip tracker action

Cedar strip tracker action

Last week, having the majority of the structure in place, the team from Nicholson made significant progress on the installation of Betty’s restored tracker action. Tracker action is a system of solid shafts and levers which open pipe valves when the keys are pressed. Betty was originally built with this system when she was built in 1865 but due to fads in the early 20th century the system was replaced with pneumatic action. The pneumatics were at the end of their life and needed replacement, so the recommendation was to go back to a mechanical tracker action. Continue reading

Betty Returns


Betty stacked up in the North aisle waiting to be re-built

Betty stacked up in the North aisle waiting to be re-built

Nicholson Organ Builders returned to site at the end of July and they have been making short work of rebuilding Betty’s casings and installing the restored tracker action and sound boards. The structure has been reinforced and the Swell box rebuilt to overcome issues with maintenance and operation. Continue reading